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Flexible expertise on-demand

Hire higher-level leadership to help you grow and profit

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Stop us if any of this feels painfully familiar…

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You need another you.

You’re frustrated because you can’t scale your business without adding an experienced C-suite executive to your team. But you’re also hesitant to hire a full-time employee for that role.

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Your team’s lack of growth knowledge is hurting your practice.

You wish you had someone you could trust — who knows exactly what your practice needs in order to grow. You’re hunting for an experienced partner who can help you navigate the obstacle course of scaling your practice.

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You aren’t keeping as much of your revenue as you’d like.

Expenses and taxes are swiping huge chunks of your income. Wouldn’t it be nice to retain more of the money you make — without reducing quality of care?

Enter: Our Fractional Leadership services

Our expert consultants make recommendations, provide feedback, and help your practice increase profits — all on a flexible, part-time basis. Get the second brain you need to lead your team and exceed your goals.

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What our clients are saying
"Though we’re a small private practice, they give us the same amount of attention and care as a big client. Their team is so responsive and can almost predict our needs, which is exactly what we need."
Ryan N.
Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon
"They have the ability to listen to what we want and interpret that into what they recommend and deliver. We've gone from a mom and pop practice to being run like a Fortune 500 company."
Iliza S.
Managing Partner/ Dermatology

What you get with fractional leadership


Financial guidance

Your business’s success depends on your ability to meet financial targets, consistently increase revenue, and run a profitable business. We’ll take a deep dive into your organizational structure, and introduce the changes necessary to increase profits.


Executive-level strategy

Tap into valuable input and experience from industry experts who understand what you’re going through (and how to get you to the other side). And we’re not just good at strategy — we’ll help you successfully implement the plan.


Full-time commitment without a full-time price

When you add one of our fractional leaders to your team, you get real-world experience and guidance with reduced overhead.

Hire for *just* the expertise you need

Work with a fractional CEO, CFO, CMO, or COO, depending on where your business needs support. Our team will help you expand your business with confidence and accountability — so you can focus on offering incredible client care.

MD Logica works exclusively with growth-oriented medical aesthetics practices.

Hiring a full-time executive is a prohibitively expensive risk (not to mention the hassle of finding and vetting the right person). When you engage one of our fractional leaders, you’re getting the targeted insight and hands-on guidance you need at, well, a fraction of what it would cost to pay a C-level salary.

One-time audit

We’ll check out your current ads, give honest feedback, and make useful recommendations for halting campaigns, re-allocating your spend, and trying new approaches.

Ongoing consulting

Continuous growth requires support from someone who knows exactly what you’re struggling with and has the resources to help you. Our team provides the help you need when you need it. You’ll have expert business and marketing mentors at your disposal.

Case study
Increased Rhinoplasty Leads by 175%
This double board-certified facial plastic surgeon based in West Hollywood (who wishes to remain anonymous) has been working with us for just over a year now. In that short period of time, we've been able to increase their PPC conversions by over 175%, meanwhile reducing their cost per lead by almost 40%. That means more patient leads with less money spent... who wouldn't love that?

Frequently asked questions

Intrigued? Apply to work with us.

We work with a limited number of growth-oriented medical aesthetics practices at one time to ensure we can always give an incredible level of client service. If you’re interested in working with our team, hit the button below to schedule a chat.

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