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Scale your medical aesthetics business

Get advice and support to eliminate inefficiencies, increase revenue, and improve your bottom line

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Doing everything yourself? It’s costing you.

You’re the best at what you do. But you might not be as good at handling all the executive-level tasks that generate outstanding outcomes (and impressive income) for your business. Which of these rings true for you? (It’s OK if the answer is “Ugh, all of them.”)

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Your profitability could be higher.

Your revenue looks great on paper, but your bottom line has room for improvement. You’d love to retain more profit without cutting corners.

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Your business could be more efficient.

You’ve assembled a fantastic team of people who care about your business and your patients, but you know you could be more efficient. You just aren’t sure how to make the changes that positively impact your business without creating issues among your loyal team.

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You need someone who knows your business to help you create a growth strategy.

Medical school didn’t prepare you for running a successful practice. It’d be amazing to have someone to bounce ideas off — especially when it comes to hiring, operations, and plans to scale.

Scale your practice with expert guidance

We’ve got years of experience working solely with medical aesthetics clinics. Together, we’ll cut out inefficiency, build better systems, and set you up for ambitious growth.

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What our clients are saying
"Working with them was like having my own personal business mentor who just had all the right answers. We're now booking 8 months out for surgeries which we've never had in almost 20 years of being in practice. They’re genuine and sincere, and I enjoy our partnership on a personal level."
Christopher C.
COO/Plastic Surgery
"Though we’re a small private practice, they give us the same amount of attention and care as a big client. Their team is so responsive and can almost predict our needs, which is exactly what we need."
Ryan N.
Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon

How we help you scale your business


Evaluate your business

We’ll conduct a full analysis of your office operations, workflows, staffing, and profit to ensure you’re operating efficiently and effectively (and that both patients and employees are satisfied).


Optimize your practice structure

Our consultants evaluate your staffing needs and organizational structure, and suggest changes based on your goals.


Compensation planning

Nothing motivates more than money. You know it, we know it, and your team knows it. That’s why we’ll create a compensation plan that fulfills your employees’ expectations while helping you maximize profitability.

Step off the treadmill & start scaling

Your plate is overflowing. With so much work to do, you don’t have time to take a step back and plan for growth — so the cycle continues. That’s where we come in, improve your operations, and set you up to scale.

MD Logica works exclusively with growth-oriented medical aesthetics practices.

Don’t hand off your online presence to a “One Size Fits All” agency that’s also juggling clients in 18 other industries. Work with the folks who specialize in your field (that’s us).

Done-for-you model

From writing killer copy to targeting to testing, we do it all — so you can focus on patient care.

One-time audit

We’ll check out your current ads, give honest feedback, and make useful recommendations for halting campaigns, re-allocating your spend, and trying new approaches.

One-time setup

Think of it as a fresh start. We’ll examine every piece of your PPC funnel, make sure those pieces are connected, and leave you with a solid foundation that’s much easier to maintain.

Ongoing consulting

Continuous growth requires support from someone who knows exactly what you’re struggling with and has the resources to help you. Our team provides the help you need when you need it. You’ll have expert business and marketing mentors at your disposal.

Case study
Increased Rhinoplasty Leads by 175%
This double board-certified facial plastic surgeon based in West Hollywood (who wishes to remain anonymous) has been working with us for just over a year now. In that short period of time, we've been able to increase their PPC conversions by over 175%, meanwhile reducing their cost per lead by almost 40%. That means more patient leads with less money spent... who wouldn't love that?

Frequently asked questions

Intrigued? Apply to work with us.

We work with a limited number of growth-oriented medical aesthetics practices at one time to ensure we can always give an incredible level of client service. If you’re interested in working with our team, hit the button below to schedule a chat.

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